808Interview ::::: TOM And His Computer / In My Room, HFN Music / Denmark.


TOM And His Computer by Morten Germund

The sound from TOM And His Computer can be described at his best like Nordic and cold, yet warm and up-lifting. Future Ruins represents the first album for this eclectic artist from Denmark with a long trajectory on the electronic music scene released by In My Room Label.

Talking about the process of the album creation and other topics, Tom had a conversation with 808blogg to have a deeper view of this awesome album.

808blogg: – How was the process of creating Future Ruins, we do know it took you two years to make it do you have at the beginning the idea of what you want or along the process, it was revealed to you?

Tom: It’s been an ongoing process. I started out by making one track, ‘Future Ruins’, that could set the tone for the rest of the album and then working from there. Soundwise the idea has been to combine my electronic background with some of the new genres that have influenced me in recent years.

808blogg: – Where is located your studio, can you describe to us the equipment you use most often, and also for this album do you find a new production technique, or do you apply any new music theory for your sound design?

Tom: My studio is located in the close to the Copenhagen city center, only 5 min away from where I live. This is super convenient. I have a nice collection of guitar pedals, old drum machines and some vintage synths, like the small plastic 80’s Casio’s, Roland Jupiter 4, APR Odyssey, Korg Preset, Moog among others. Basically, when I begin working on a track, I play around with sounds and fx’s and try to find that one little idea that can trigger a feeling in me to get me going.

808blogg: How do you consider your sound has evolved with the passing of time?

Tom: Over time, my sound has changed from classic deep electronica into more electronic

TOM And His Computer by Morten Germund

based indie sub-genres like post punk, dark wave, dream pop or whatever people like to called it. I have been listening to these genres for a long time, but I have only been flirting with them for the last 5 years. So on that note, everything is still new and exciting to me.

808blogg: What was the main reason you decided to have Roxy Jules in charge of the vocals for this album? 

Tom: I only wanted to feature one singer on the album and I believe Roxy Jules suites my music very well. She has a tone in her voice that goes well with my rather dark sound. Nordic and cold, yet warm and up-lifting.

808blogg: If touring is authorized any time soon, what countries have you consider visiting to play your live performance? 

Tom: Well… I think every country is affected by the COVID-19 situation and it will take some time for the whole business to get back on their feet and begin to take chances again. But I would love to go and play anywhere really!

808blogg: Visually speaking the video of Future Ruins made by Martin Garde Abildgaard is deep, complex, dark, and beautiful, to the point is being awarded at Los Angeles Film Festival as The Best Music Video, do you collaborate on the video development or was it all Abildgaard duty? 

Tom: Yeah, I’m very happy about how that turned out. The video was all Martin’s thing and he had a clear vision from the very start. I believe you get best end result if you let creative people do their thing 100 % and don’t interfere in their creative process. Especially when you know you are working with a talent like him.

TOM And His Computer by Morten Germund

808blogg: How was the dynamic of co-producing this album with Trentemoller? You have been working together before, but for this cut describe to us how was the recording experience.

Tom: It’s been a super cool process – sending tracks back and forth, and sharing ideas and feedback. I produced the tracks in my studio and whenever I felt they were almost finished, I took the track stems to his studio, where we  rearranged & mixed them whenever we felt it was needed. We mostly share the same taste in sound, so it’s always been very easy working together.

808blogg: Are there any books or movies you got inspired by on the making of this album? 

Tom: I actually get more inspired by the cover of a book rather than the book itself. All you need to do is to look at the cover and, if the cover or title looks exciting, the rest of the story will play put in your head. That’s what I find inspiring. It’s the same thing with still pictures.

TOM And His Computer by Morten Germund

808blogg: The last track of your album Disbelief In a Postmodern World has any hidden meaning, or what is the message of this track? 

Tom: The title itself raises questions, hence why I used it. There seems to be a lot of different meanings about what the term ‘Postmodern’ really means. I find that exciting. To me, the title means that, even if I can commit to the idea of modernism – I still have an underlying disbelief in what comes (or came) after. It basically means that I have disbelief in how the world is right now.

808blogg: How would it be a regular day for you? 

om: I like to wake up early. Watch the news and listen to radio. I then go to the studio at around 9 or 10 in the morning. I discovered that I’m way more productive in the early hours of the day. Basically, to me 9 -12 is the “creative hours”. The rest of the day is all about fixing practical stuff. So it’s important to get the most out of it, while you are peaking creatively.

808blogg: What are your future plans?

Tom: Make more music! My future plan is to make more music. Right now om working on setting up a new live constellation as well as working on new material for the next record.


TOM And His Computer by Morten Germund

808blogg: Can you recommend to us an artist or a band you have been enjoying lately? 

Tom: There are many, but lately I have been enjoying listening to Tanukichan. Dreamy airy female vocal on top of fuzz based noise pop.

Future Ruins by Tom And His Computer is available here: https://inmyroom.lnk.to/FutureRuinsAlbum


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Thanks for reading and please don’t ever say no to good music…

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