No, that’s not a TR-909 you’re looking at, but it might be as close as you can get if you want to buy one

Steda Electronics’ SR-909 drum machine comes in kit form.

If Roland’s digital 909 reboot isn’t quite buttering your parsnips and you’re sick of waiting for Behringer’s clone, it might be worth taking a look at Steda Electronics’ SR-909, which looks like being about as close to the original as you can get.

Available in kit form, this can be used not only to build your own near-enough 909, but also for spares if you need to repair your Roland original. You get a steel case, which can either be in black or the classic 909 cream.

Despite the DIY nature of this project, it’s not a cheap option, though the current price of $909 might at least raise a wry smile (full price will be $1,100).

You can place an order on the DIY Studio Toys website.

via MusicRadar


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