808Interview ::::: Soul Of Hex / Vicario Musique / Mexico.


For this interview we have reached Soul Of Hex from Tijuana Mexico, this duo is currently conformed by the Cedillo brothers Gerardo and Emanuel who are constantly delivering amazing music to the point their debut at CVMR included two remixes on their track Lip Reading from the house legend Larry Heard AKA Mr. Fingers, nowadays they had recently published at Delusions Of Grandeur and they have released their music on great labels like Freerange or Quintessentials among others. Also, they talk more about them, their plans, how is their creative process, and more information related to their label Vicario Music, we are proud here at 808blogg of how this duo represents Mexican electronic music.

808Interview ::::: Soul Of Hex / Vicario Music / Mexico.

808blogg.- Can you let us know about the beginning of Soul of Hex, what or who inspired you to pursue the path of electronic music?

Soul Of Hex: The idea of Soul of Hex started as a collaboration between Gerardo Tepetitlan and Gerardo Cedillo (me), we are close friends and we have been making music together since 2011 as ‘’4004 & Sebastien Vorhaus’’. In 2014 we debuted with Lip Reading with the name Soul of Hex and the name concept was inspired of synesthesia which is the ability to see the music in colours. Then 4004 left the project in 2016 and I continued the path for 4 years. Then my brother Emanuel joined last year and we recently released a record called ‘’Disco Permanente’’ on Delusions of Grandeur. I’m 27 years old now and I started making music when I was 13. My inspiration of being a DJ and Producer was because of the ‘’New Rave/Blog House’’ sound back in 2007 and early exposure to festivals like Coachella.

808blogg.- Let us know how is the electronic music scene in Tijuana, what are the best places to buy records, and which venues you consider essential for cultural exchange, or if it were the case and you have to get out of town, where do you go to seek this? 

Soul Of Hex: Right now the scene is pretty much like everywhere globally, there are no parties due to the Coronavirus crisis. But before there were local promoters making disco and tech-house parties in venues like Marko Disko, Esquivel, Wherehouse, Deck 22, La Mezcalera, etc. And we brought the Sunday Sunday concept in collaboration with a local brewery called Insurgente. Now, most of the venues are closed due to the crisis. The best place to buy records is ‘’La Ciruela Electrica’’ in Downtown TJ, they sell mostly second-hand records from auction lots of Los Angeles, and you can find nice Disco records, rare Brazilian grooves, and some electronic stuff even though the record shop is focused in Rock music. The benefit of living in Tijuana is that you can easily go to Los Angeles which is 2 hours from here and we used to go to record stores like Amoeba Records or Mount Analog, but now we can’t even cross to the USA due to the crisis. So we had the best of both worlds with Tijuana’s underground scene and California music events and festivals. 

808blogg.- We know you are from Tijuana which is considered the mecca of Mexa electronic music the list of artists is so long that we can ́t finish now, and Tijuana artists are defining and shaping electronic music in Mexico since it’s very beginnings, how does this impact your learning curve and talking about the electronic music scene how do you perceive it in our country and how do you perceive it globally?

Soul of Hex: The electronic scene in Tijuana has a rich history. Everything started back in the 80’s thanks to a radio station from San Diego called ‘’91X/91.1FM’’ and they used to play music by Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Nitzer Ebb, New Order, etc. So that’s what the younger generations listened back then and influenced massively acts like Ford Procco, which was founded in 1987 (considered the first Mexican electronic act) and then Nortec Collective in 1998. There have been countless raves in Tijuana and we had artists like the Detroit initiator, Kevin Saunderson, Nina Kraviz, Carl Craig & more. There are labels like Static Discos and our own Vicario. It’s cool as people around the world know there is an electronic music scene happening here! We had Red Bull Music Academy alumni as well as DJ Sajjad, Hexorcismos (Los Macuanos), Dani Shivers, and myself. 

808blogg.- How was your experience with Larry Heard AKA Mr. Fingers, Vin Sol & NY AK for the release Lip Reading published on CVMR featuring remixes by these artists? 

Soul Of Hex: That was awesome, to be honest. It was a great debut for Soul of Hex. The owner of CVMR, Juan del Valle now runs the club Yu Yu in Mexico City managed to ask Larry and he agreed to remix ‘’Lip Reading’’ twice. It was a true blessing by one of the godfathers of house music. 

808blogg.- By now your music has reached great labels like Freerange Records, Defected Records, Delusions Of Grandeur, Quintessentials, CVMR, what will come next, and what labels do you identify your music with?

Soul Of Hex: Yeah, we are grateful to meet people through the years that want to release our music. It’s such a great feeling. Especially because putting out a vinyl record is quite an investment nowadays. That’s our only policy while releasing music. Releasing the music on vinyl, always. We identify ourselves mostly with our label Vicario

808blogg.- Technology is always in constant evolution, how do you balance hardware against software, during your creative process?

Soul Of Hex: Definitely. I mean production-wise, we were born in the ’90s so basically, we have worked with computers all of our life. Our creative process is quite simple, we make beats and jam with Octatrack plus various synthesizers plugged into a digital mixer which is also an audio interface, using the iMac or Macbook Pro running Logic Pro X as a recorder. And then editing, arrangement, and mixdown on the laptop.

808blogg.- Nowadays you run Vicario Musique, what is the main drive for this label, and what artists do you think we need to consider as future providers for this unique sound?

Soul Of Hex: The sound of Vicario is now more focused on sample-based house music. When we started we just wanted to put out some serious house music from all over the world. But now we limited the platform just for Tijuana artists. Even though we are releasing an EP by Lis Sarroca (Barcelona based) with a remix by 4004 and Keita Sano from Okayama, Japan, they are the last artists from around the world that are releasing a full EP on our label. After that we have a compilation from our favorite Tijuana artists… 4004, Cesar Coronado, Motion Parallax, Suv Roza, Jesusdapnk, KPTN, Alex Wax and ourselves, entitled… ‘’The New Sound of Tijuana VA’’

808blogg.- Share with us what will be the future for Soul of Hex, what are you planning soon and what shall we expect? 

Soul Of Hex: The next step is launching the Soul of Hex label with only unreleased tracks and DJ tools for a virtual dancefloor or a real one in the future perhaps? Haha. And also we are working on the vinyl label for Sunday Sunday! Other projects and other genres as well, we can’t reveal anything yet about that. We will do our best to put out music regularly as much as we can!


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