808Interview ::::: Demuir / Purveyor Underground / Kultur / Canada.

In a “World full of DJ’s” sometimes is hard to find people with commitment people in the Task of helping others and people who can talk honestly about one of the aspects that the music industry keeps to a secret the most. But in between all this, there is also a high level of consciousness coming along with Great and creative music, the messages start to get more sense, and then you can find out why this subculture of electronic dance music has so much power of convincement. For this time we have the pleasure to interview Demuir the Head on Purveyor Underground who has recently started Kultur @thisiskultur in Partnership with Junior Sanchez a project with an outstanding vision on the roots of House music, and artists that are forging a new era of sound and concepts.

Demuir / Purveyor Underground / Kultur / Canada.

Hi Demuir we want to thank you again for this chance to get closer to you and your projects, we have been following your music for years, and we like to share this with our readers a closer insight in sound and also in the message behind it

808blogg.-  After so many years on the road and so many hours in the studio what you think is the best advice you can give to a new generation of Dj and Producers?

Demuir: Thank you for this question.  When it comes to being in the pursuit of being your very best in your craft, I encourage aspiring DJs / Producers to respect the craft and understand mastery is a forever pursuit where gains are only made through working hard under embraced discipline.  This will have you so focused that you won’t get consumed in social media and other people’s opinions.  You will simply be focused on becoming your very best self.  As far as being on the road and touring, I always make it a note to treat people respectfully and never get wrapped up in yourself because people are so appreciative of what you do and how it makes them feel as they release themselves on the dancefloor with you.  All that good stuff gets tarnished if you get too drunk or party to the point where people feel disrespected.  When you keep respect and good vibes in front of every interaction you have, you will always do well.


808blogg.- Nowadays and especially after the Pandemic started the feeling is that everything turned and became harder as a performer/DJ even a Producer to take your craft to the people, what do you believe are 3 life-changing advices you could give to the people involved on Music creation and performing to survive this crisis and adapt?

Demuir: First and foremost, it’s important to keep moving and not drown yourself in self-pity.  The world needs artistry more than ever, even though it feels like some governments do not know or understand your important contributions to society.  By doing this, you will be way ahead of those who chose to just sit back and do nothing while you enabled your growth.   Secondly, don’t fall prey to your ego being bigger than change.  I think it’s sad to see some artists and producers out there that readily criticize the change (eg. streaming, etc.) rather than investing that energy in being a part of the change or ahead of it. Lastly, don’t assume things will go back to being as it was.  This forces you to think about where you want to be when the pandemic is over and it’s likely there may not be as many clubs or festivals around when this is over, thereby decreasing the demand for performers.  You need to think about these things and move ahead so you are in a proactive and fulfilling position for you.


808blogg.-The Global entertainment scene seems to take the hardest hit from this crisis, now everything, even technologies are in a race to bring options to a distanced community, so other than streaming performances what apps or platforms you are using to ease the tension and keep feeding your followers with new music?

Demuir: I’m heavily invested in platforms that allow me direct access to my fans and vice versa.  Since the pandemic, we have doubled my YouTube subscriber base, tripled our Discord channel,  and I’ve increased my presence on Patreon where the monthly subscription fee is resonating with my fans and aspiring DJs/Producers.  This is why it was important for me to continue with my craft so that I’m in a position to serve my fan base with consistent and meaningful content.  In addition to all this, I completed a sample pack for Loopmasters and I also developed a full course ( via text and video) on Underground Electronic Music Production which will be made available later this year. All of this spurs creativity and music so I use these various platforms to give my audience what they are looking for and need.

808blogg.-Being a Musician with such a rich background and with so many years on the scene what is your approach to new technology? Do you believe in “digital”? Or by the contrary, you think this is just another trend that soon will disappear?

Demuir: Throughout history, technology has been an enabler of efficacy for musicians.  To think that 30 to 40 years ago that it wasn’t unusual to have a $200K to $300K budget for studio time or paying $5K for a master.  Now all these things have dropped dramatically in price because of the efficiencies presented by technology in these areas have allowed me and so many others to grow in this industry because we don’t require those massive budgets to make a great record.  So when it comes to technology, I embrace it fully and the “digital” age is not going away.  I think we will see more technologies that provide full systems to help consumers program and consume music, entertainment, etc. on their terms.  Where they can request concerts in their homes or readily scale it to a venue if they have deeper pockets.  The exciting part about all of this is that the creator/artist will be the one reaping the most benefit and eliminating the fat in between them and the consumer.

808blogg.- We have followed your Video content as well, some live Q&A and the information and material being shared in there is high value to your followers can you please tell us the meaning behind this project and the right places to follow up besides YouTube, can you please explain a bit about Patreon?

Demuir: The core focus on my Youtube channel is to serve others by fulfilling what I saw was a gap when it came to underground electronic music production.  Before the pandemic, this industry had a market valuation at $7.3 Bln and was on pace to hit $9 Bln in 2021, that’s a lot of opportunity in my view.  Even with the decrease in valuation due to the pandemic, there will still be vested interest from aspiring DJs / Producers seeking this information out.  The same information I was looking for when I started out. My Patreon channel is an intimate extension of what I do on Youtube where I give more access to my music that is not available anywhere else along with weekly production streams where they can watch me put music together and I answer questions to help in their production journey. The streams are recorded and subscribing Patrons can come back to it.   I really like the direct connection with people on this platform as it has allowed me to host monthly 1 on 1’s with my Patron’s…This was offered in a VIP package and was the first thing to sell out!


808blogg.-We see your self as the new generation of Artist carrying a long heritage and tradition on music and artists you have worked with all the big and legendary artists around, how this influenced you thought the years it was hard at the beginning?

Demuir: Learning anything new is always challenging in the beginning, but being disciplined in your craft goes a long way and shows up in other areas of your life.  All this has led to great opportunities in my music being supported by artists I have admired for so long and it has given me an ability to be comfortable in the space I’ve cultivated for myself.  I don’t make music to conform to an idea some PR agent, blog, or marketing concept someone has conceived.  I do it based upon what inspires me and how I feel about that inspiration.  That’s all.



808blogg.-Purveyor Underground has been a reference in House music since the start of the project, Please tell us about Purveyor Underground beginnings and what is coming.

Demuir: Purveyor Underground is my record label than is an extension of my thoughts/philosophies of an artist.  Its ethos is rooted in “Music First.  Artist First”.  I came upon this because I wanted to create a place that celebrated artists and respected them, truly, for their craft and contributions to the culture of Underground Electronic Music.  The industry got away from that, in my opinion, when the said artists must have a “cool look” with sub-par music, which then paved the way for a narrative that created “successful” artists based on the relationships and labels they were signed to rather than the quality of music taking importance.  That’s why you have so much boring and uninspiring music being played by the same “cool” people who have nothing more to offer than extensive capital to PR.  The pandemic has certainly changed this a bit and I think more eyes are seeing it for what it is. Purveyor Underground is a label that is putting out great underground electronic music that celebrates the artist and culture.



808blogg.- This is Kultur a project you created in partnership with Junior Sanchez does it carry along “House Gangsta” Tradition, we have enjoyed the first 4 releases a lot, can you reveal a bit of the future releases to this label and the vision that represent his creation?

Demuir: Thank you.  LOL it’s not a “House Gangsta” thing…We’ll leave that to DJ Sneak.   Kultur (@thisisKultur) is premised on the responsibility to recognize the roots of Underground Electronic Music being Gay, Black, Latino, and anyone else that was considered an outsider from the popular norm.  These various groups partied under one roof and inspired a collective sound being enjoyed today, however the industry has gotten away from this identity somewhat.  Many DJs / Producers play and enjoy this music, but the figures that created it are rarely seen.  Even worse, is a number of brands claiming it’s all about Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect but actively and consistently push young white male / female faces to represent the culture, which is a false narrative.  The pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement have brought attention to this discussion and it’s really all about visible change at this point and consistency is key.    At Kultur, we are endeavoring to change this narrative while still positively supporting the music and artists we love that acknowledge the roots of this music in their sound.

To Close this Interview we just like to Thank Demuir for such an interesting insight to his work and life we will keep to update you with all the news coming from his projects, we are looking forward to a second interview in the future so we can cover many more aspects on this matter because there is still a lot to say, keep an eye on Demuir Network as we prepare to review the next release by KULTUR.


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