808blogg Podcast Episode 2 /// Melorman for 808blogg

Hailing from Greece we have a fantastic guest for our second podcast, Antonis Chaniotakis a.k.a Melorman presents a mix full of sonic landscapes and auditive emotions, Melorman brings us deeper and closer to his musical vision for your delight.

1.Leandro Fresco & Thore Pfeiffer – Neo
2.Selffish – Static Cloud
3.Melorman – Night Falls
4.Khotin – WEM Lagoon Jump
5.Geotic – Breathtaker
6.Casino vs Japan – Its very sunny
7.Patricia – Turtle Funk
8.Com Cruise – Ultrafiche of You
9.Emil Rotmayer – Level
10.Fantastic Man – How Bout It
11.Djrum – Untitled_9
12.Melorman – Ninety

Also, he let us know more about himself and his perspective on music in a quick conversation he had with us at 808blogg.

808blogg: How would you describe the music of Melorman?
Melorman: Warm, nostalgic. An emotional journey. As a creator, I always share my emotions through music and I’m glad that I can communicate with people that might have same emotional patterns through it.

808blogg: Which tracks from Melorman we must listen and what is your approach to them?
Melorman: Every track has its own breath but some are really special to me. “You Are” from “Lost Tracks”e.p,”Girls from the 70’s” from “Waves” album, “Closer” from “Somewhere Someday” album, “Inside Your Dream” from “After Noon” album and “Love is Growing” from “For the Sun” album are some of the tracks that came out of me instantly without having difficult time constructing them. It’s a beautiful experience to express yourself making music like this.

808blogg: Can you share your experience before and after the COVID pandemic, does this affect your daily life or your creative process?
Melorman: I’m staying in Greece and from 2010 we are struggling to overcome the economical crisis. Now with the Covid – 19 we turned back almost to the start of that economical crisis and I think it’ll take us a long time to recover. But the biggest hit were the losses of so many human lives globally. Especially in cities where the density of population is really high. Deeply affected by this and the shock of the quarantine I couldn’t find the strength or the inspiration to write music. Fellow artists including me that they were surviving through performing, acting, directing or any form of artistic activity fell into despair cause they didn’t have and still don’t have any future during the pandemic.

808blogg: Can you share more about the creative process you went threw for your last album For The Sun EP.
Melorman: I’m originated from Crete. A Greek island in the Southern border of the Aegean sea. I travel often there especially in summertime. Last summer I tried to captivate musically the experiences I had , so with the help of my I-pad and my phone I recorded some sounds and samples , played some chords or melodies and when I returned to my studio in Athens I expanded them , altered them , processed them and I created “For The Sun”.

808blogg: What are your plans, what shall we expect from Melorman soon?
Melorman: I’m making music every day. I experiment, I collaborate. It’s a kind of a psychological help for my inner self. I’m in the making of a small ambient electronic album with interludes and loops that I made through small journeys in other places. Sooner than this I have a big music collaboration with an investigating reporter, traveller that is going to be released in October. I cannot reveal more.

For more information on Melorman visit his social media at Twitter | Facebook |  Instagram. 


Hey guys I’m Ace from 808blogg a music addict, a video nerd, information freak  and I wrote this interview. 
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Thanks for reading and please dont ever say no to good music…

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