GhostlyCast #88: Mark Farina – Bliznobia Time Dilation

Mix by Mark Farina

Art by Jacopo Severitano

It’s hard not to know Mark Farina’s name as an electronic music fan. He’s developed a signature blend of house music — dubbed “Mushroom Jazz” — across a series of essential mixtapes since the mid-90s. For GhostlyCast #88, Mark shares a mix of techno and house that speaks to his roots as a Midwestern dance music fan and Gramaphone record shop employee. “Growing up in Chicago in the ’80s was a great place to hear new music. As a young teenager going to Wax Trax Records and Medusa’s, I bridged from the industrial sounds into house, techno, and acid tracks around 1988. At that time, I went to Detroit with Derrick Carter and Chris Nazuka to record as Symbols and Instruments for KMS Records. Chez Damier was head of A & R there. Metroplex was next door and Transmat upstairs from there. Chicago and Detroit had a shared vibe, which I still love.”


1. Steve O’Sullivan Inner sanctum (eight miles high remix) Mosaic, 1999.
2. Maurizio M-4.5 1995.
3. Mechanical Soul Saloon Shoul Pssst Music, 1995.
4. Kevin Saunderson E-Dancer React Music, 1995.
5. Synchrojack The Circle Ferox Records, 1995.
6. Drumkomputer Slickfrequency Itiswhatitis Recordings, 2001.
7. Point G You Point G 2015
8. Ed Herbst Urban Bias Beste Modus 2014.
9. Gherkin Jerks MIDI Beats Gherkin Records, 1988.
10. Primitive Urges 2 Untitled Primitive Rec. 1997.
11. Random Factor Broken Mirror Playhouse 1998.
12. Model 500 Night Drive (Through Babylon) Metroplex 1985.
13. Wulf n’ Bear Raptures of the Deep 20:20 Vision 1995.
14. Pure Science Bonus Track Black Flag Recordings 2001.
15. G. Flame & Mr. G Deep Loving Metalbox Records 1998.
16. Themis Close Your Eyes Velocet 1996.
17. Rhythim Is Rhythim It is What It Is Transmat 1988.

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