808Reviews ::: For The Sun By Melorman

Reviewed by Spike. Tuesday 18th 2020.

We are launching this new reviews platform for all of you to enjoy just the latest and the best music coming from artists and performers from all over the world always looking for that special chills and mindblowing musical moments
So in our first installment we received a pleasant surprise from the Label “Same Difference Music” in our inbox their latest release from the label by “Melorman” (Greece) named “For the Sun”.

The trip starts with “Eliquis” a very organic piece with a soothing melodic atmosphere that evokes a sort of dramatic progression developing with the ad of a downtempo beat

The second track on this release is “Love is Growing” a superb atmosphere surrounding this track made remind to late 80’s synth-pop with a very organic arrangement in the second part of the track melody and bass consolidate to get this synth wavy organic tune to live a very nice work.

The third track named “Night Falls” might be the most chilled ambient track of the release with some dubby elements and some amazing fuzzy sounds that perfectly melt with the overall sonic landscape

Fourth track “8 a.m.” is a neat production with some instrumental touches with a blend of dubby chill out sounds you can listen to a sweet flute on the top which gives it a special sense the bass is driving and it has a very cinematic tone that evolves to a downtempo beat at the moment when that Lead Synth hits you.

the next track is “Travelling” a very mental tune the beat and percussion blends to the perfection with the Pads and the colorful sound space a hush precise melody ads the next lawyer of sound then accompanied by a warm vocal which drives the track along to break into a sea of wavey synth arrangements and launch again.

Last but not least we have “Salty Air” ok I think we now know where are we standing with “Melorman” it seems that the times stop in here this kind of music is always bracing we been tripping in a sonic field full of sounds and melodic synth work and this track is no exception, a nice ad to what it seems to be a Moog bass lawyer and glitchy yet precise arrangements on some percussions this one will deliver for the right end keep you wanting more…

Ok some more interesting data to ad to this review is that Same Difference Music the Label behind this release prepared a Limited 100 copies 12″  on clear vinyl  wich are very much state of the art like
you can find this and other releases by Melorman in the next link:
and for those willing to get all the news and releases from Same Difference Music here is their contact as well:

Overall Rating 9.5/10

“For The Sun”
[Same Difference Music]
Cat.No: SDM07
Format: Limited Edition of 100 copies 12″ Clear Vinyl,
Digital Purchase on: https://orcd.co/forthesun
Distribution by Inner-Ear Records
Release Date: 8 June 2020


Melorman – For The Sun

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