Taran & Lomov – Pravo EP

Latvian duo Taran & Lomov make their debut on Josh Wink’s Ovum with three startling moments of brooding, broken techno.

Tapping into their decades of deep dancefloor studies, Bogdan Taran and Max Lomov have been flying theleftfield techno flag for decades in their homeland. Not just as producers and DJs but also party promoters,broadcasters, label owners (Amber Muse) and founders of some big Latvian dance music portals(TestPress.news and DanceRadio.lv.)

Techno ambassadors contributing to the cause in any way they can, in recent years their roles as artists havereally grabbed DJs attention, and its not hard to hear why with tracks like these. Woozy, cosmic, non-linear andprone to generous amounts of breakbeats; each of these cuts nod at the legacy of acts like Photek or DMX Krew just as much as they might nod towards Hawtin or Holden.

“Atmo” takes the lead with a sci-fi jazzy feel connoting the work of early UR material with its slow, loosely programmed kicks swaggering beneath free roaming synths. Its followed by “Pravo”. A headier, psychedelic affair, once again the bouncy kicks do all the talking while textures wash over you, gradually opening out into whole new worlds when you least expect them.

Last but not least we have “Strap”. Palpitating with a heart made of pure electro, the persistent funk in the drums counters the melancholic washes and poignant acid lines tocreate a moving and massively introspective piece of work that still hits hard through a system.Techno at is most free-spirited, broken things don’t always need fixing. Expect to hear more from Taran & Lomov very soon.

You can get yours here:https://bit.ly/2YFT68c

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