DJ Sneak Producing a track live on the DJS-1000

maxresdefault sneak dj

Over the past 3 decades, Carlos Sosa AKA DJ Sneak has honed his unique take on the timeless Chicago house sound, from funky filtered disco to jacking, bumpy grooves.

In this in-depth walkthrough, Sneak covers each stage behind the unique sounds he creates by using the standalone DJS-1000 DJ Sampler to add layers to his live sets and even make a complete track.

Tips include sample sourcing, building a groove, adding chords, building a bassline, adding loops, dressing the beats, creating scenes and patterns, and then aquí está, you have a killer track!


Discover the DJS-1000 DJ Sampler here:

Free Sound Pack + samples by DJ Sneak!

Ideal for Pioneer DJ DJS-1000 DJ sampler or TORAIZ Global SP-16 professional sampler owners to add some ready-sequenced House Gangster magic.

Download it here:

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