Seabird (Tensnake Remix) by Kasper Bjørke

Screenshot Seabird (Tensnake Remix)

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Since the Nicolas Jaar remix of Kasper´s cover version of Heaven back in 2009, Kasper Bjørke has always curated his remixes with a steady hand and a strong sense of who is the right producer to transform his music into something else – which not only contributes to his original but also adds a different flavor. Strong acts like Marvin & Guy, Gerd Janson, Mano Le Tough, Michael Mayer, Rebolledo, Superpitcher and many more have all made memorable interpretations of Kasper’s work through these years – and now its time for an impressive and brand new batch of remixes: A double Remix EP, once again with a carefully selected and diverse list of amazing contemporary electronic artists.

Prior to the two remixes packages for Part A and Part B the outstanding Tensnake Remix of Seabird will be released in April.

“Luckily Tensnake was already a fan of the original version of Seabird by Alessi Brothers”, says Bjørke “so when we asked him to remix my cover version (made in celebration of the 10 year anniversary of my last cover version, of the Rolling Stones track “Heaven”) thankfully he said yes right away! I’m amazed that he managed to turn it into a full-blown disco party anthem, which I never would have succeeded with myself. I hope his version will make Seabird fly to distant shores!”

Nothing Gold Can Stay Part A + Part B were released on hfn music in October and November 2019.
Nothing Gold Can Stay Part A + Part B Remixes are released on May, 8th and June, 5th.


1.- Seabird (feat. Christian d´Or & Toby Ernest) (Tensnake Remix Edit)

2.- Seabird (feat. Christian d´Or & Toby Ernest) (Tensnake Dub Version)

3.- Seabird (Tensnake Instrumental Version)

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