Sophie Marschner turns real-world data into a digital topography in Monolith

Screenshot motion design

Generative visuals and eerie sound design based on height maps of glaciers, canyons and estuaries.

London-based motion graphic designer Sophie Marschner transforms real-world data into a delicate digital topography in Monolith.

By using the height maps of various large-scale landmarks, including glaciers, canyons and estuaries, Marschner maps the outside world into a more intimate, digital space.

She also provides eerie, atmospheric sound design under the guise of her musical side project, Scotch Mist. The score was made using a mixture of modular synthesis and software.

“As a motion artist, the concept of reconstructing nature into something more otherworldly is a constant theme throughout my work”, explains Marschner.

“By using both analogue and digital technology and processes, I like to transmute ordinary objects into abstract forms; challenging perceptions and producing work that is completely open to interpretation.”

For more information about Sophie Marschner, you can visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

via FACTmag

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