THE MARS VOLTA: 15 Unreleased Demos


15 Unreleased Demos from The Mars Volta are available to download here below via CVLTNation also the internet forum The Comatorium share them back in 2013.

Regardless of where they originally came online, this demos are an awesome treat for any Mars Volta fan, last year there was a big expectation for the band to re-unite on this year, we can only wait for this reunion to be official soon.


01 2C14 (possible outtake from Noctourniquet LP)
02 98d87 (‘Molochwalker’ demo)
03 cmv8 (‘Sea is Rising’ demo)
04 dp (possible Omar Rodriguez-Lopez solo demo)
05 ef4 (possible ‘Casate Colmillo’ demo)
06 eog-3
07 f39h (elements later used in the live version of ‘Trinkets Pale of Moon’)
08 f9h0 (another possible ‘Casate Colmillo’ demo)
09 k49 (possible outtake from Octahedron LP)
10 pi4 (possible ‘Happiness’ demo)
11 qr5`
12 s[fqw (similar to the first track on the collection)
13 xv8 (possible ‘New York City’ demo or ‘Asco Que Conmueve Los Puntos Erogenos’ demo)
14 y2g (‘Vicarious Atonement’ demo)
15 ytj6 (also similar to the first track on the collection)


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