Swimming by Mac Miller, one of the Best ones of the decade.

Mac Miller
REMember Music and Warner Records Production.

Swimming focuses on Miller. His fifth official album is an ambling 13-song journey towards self-acceptance, one that does not end in triumph. Instead, it embraces the possibility that he’ll never have it all figured out.

Meaghan Garvey via The Guardian

This album shows his growth as both an artist, and as aa person who’s had to deal with the most private aspects of their life being publicly dissected

Hannah Mylrea via NME

It is an honest look at what it means to try and fail and try and fail and to be more in love with your failures than your well-being.

Donna-Claire Chessman via djbooth

Swimming is the latest body of work from a talented rapper/producer who has gotten great at reinventing himself. There are no two Mac Miller albums that sound the same. Each body of work symbolizes a new chapter in his life and career. Only, this time, Mac is heartbroken and pandering to the famous break-up cliche: “I just need to work on me.”

Rap Disciple via Vocal

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