KRK announces limited edition Rokit G4 ‘White Noise’

Screenshot rock it.png

Meet the newest addition to the Rokit G4 series of studio monitors.

KRK has unveiled the new Rokit G4 ‘White Noise’ studio monitor in a limited edition white finish.

Like its regular Rokit G4 counterparts, the ‘White Noise’ edition also features an on-board DSP-driven Graphic EQ that comes with 25 settings that allow it to suit virtually any studio environment. This system can be managed via an LCD screen and also works in conjunction with the free KRK Audio Tools App.

The Rokit G4 sports a Class D power amplifier and a front-firing port, which provides significant amounts of low-end extension and flexible room-positioning. Combined with the Kevlar-derived drivers, the Rokit G4 offers accurate and tight bass reproduction, improved audio integrity and minimal ear fatigue, according to the brand.

Like its darker Rokit G4 sibling, the ‘White Noise’ edition features a specially-designed low-resonance enclosure for minimal distortion and sound-colourisation, while a high-density ISO foam pad decouples the speaker from the surface for minimal vibration transmission and improved clarity. A built-in brick-wall limiter (which engages at the amp’s maximum level) maintains sound balance, offers better and wider dynamics, and protects the speaker system.

The Rokit G4 ‘White Noise’ is available in 5-, 7-, and 8-inch models.

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