Kamaal Williams Drops Three New Tracks Ahead of ‘DJ-Kicks’


‘Exclusives’ EP is available now.

Kamaal Williams (a.k.a Henry Wu) has released his Exclusives EP, containing three brand new tracks plus the recently released “Wivout U,” all of which feature in his upcoming DJ-Kicks mix.

Starting up laid-back and smooth before taking off, “Snitches Brew” (live in Atlanta) spirals skywards in a jungle-jazz-trap-funk frenzy. Then things take a subtler, reflective tone with the plaintive blue mood of “Shinjuku,” before powering on with the jackin’ cosmic grooves of “Wivout U,” and finishing on the lush string-laced urban house of “Strings (ATL).”

Williams’ DJ-Kicks, coming November 8, is said to encompass Karriem Riggins’ Detroit beat weirdness, Peven Everett’s funk-driven Chi house, and Max Graef/Ratgrave’s German future funk. You can find more information here.

Earlier this year I went to the US and linked with musicians Greg Paul, Marlon Spears, and Quinn Mason. We went on Adult Swim and performed in front of several fish. “Snitches Brew” (live in Atlanta) and “Strings (ATL)” are the recordings from that psychedelic performance which also featured Jitwam, my brother from Mumbai. I had never played with Quinn before (saxophone), and when he asked ‘what are we gonna play today,’ I said ‘today we are not playing, we are feeling…’ He nodded and proceeded to blaze out melodies which drew intergalactic forces into our vibrations. Greg then proceeded to roll a blunt.

‘Shinjuku’ is the opening music from our Tokyo show at Billboard. When I listened back to a recording of the gig, I realised how many emotions are portrayed through the music. Takeshi Kurihara sang (on his sax) and softened the hearts of the universe. I present to you… MY EP ON !K7.” —Kamaal Williams

Tomorrow night, Williams will play a headline DJ set at the London launch of his DJ-Kicks mix alongside Steve Spacek, Wbeeza, and Marshmello. Tickets are available here and further worldwide club/live dates follow below.


01. Kamaal Williams “Snitches Brew” (Live in Atlanta)
02. Kamaal Williams “Shinjuku” (DJ-Kicks)
03. Henry Wu “Wivout U”
04. Kamaal Williams “Strings (ATL)”

Exclusives EP is available now, with a stream below and order here.

via XLR8R

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