808 Day: The ‘New York’ Roland TR-808


Happy #808day everybody!

The Roland TR-808: https://buff.ly/2YShsZV

Pioneer New York City hip-hop producer, Larry Smith, joined Arthur Baker and Rick Rubin as a champion of the 808 sound. His personal Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer quickly earned a reputation as having THAT sound and become the rhythmic signature on iconic albums and tracks from Run DMC, Beastie Boys and Whodini.

This story follows this ‘New York’ TR-808 as it passed hands from the late Larry Smith to his son and producer, Larry Smith Jr, and Rashad Smith for this iconic 808 sound to continue on in modern productions. The TR-808 travels to Los Angeles and 1500 Sound Academy and introduced to the future generation of producers and beatmakers who hear an original TR-808 for the first time.

Each year, on August 8, we celebrate 808 Day and join the global community in the celebration of the music and culture that grew from the love for the Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer. Join the celebration by tagging your stories with #808day and experience other stories from around the world.

808 fans: please visit https://buff.ly/2YShsZV… and discover more about the origins, the culture and legacy of this iconic instrument.

via Roland Channel

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