10 defining Mexican Artists in Electronic Music by 808Blogg

In no particular order, we release this list of Mexican Artists who in our point of view are breaking the boundaries and defining his own sound as well the sound of the contemporary Mexican scene as they stand solid as a new wave of performers and composers. check it out:


10.- AAAA


Gabo Barranco, also known as AAAA is a Mexican electronic music producer and performer, who works with an ‘out of the box’ approach. Barranco’s work is driven by analogue hardware, creating intense music pieces, varying from melancholic melodious ambient to undeniably heavy acid assaults.
Throughout a relatively short career, he has performed and been part of events such
as MUTEK MX, SXSW, BERGHAIN, FREEDOM (COL), Institut fuer Zukunft (GER), Comunite (MX) and Red Bull Music Academy Montreal.
His music has been released by fresh and cutting-edge record labels, such as New York Haunted (NL), Omnidisc (MIAMI), Jack Dept. (NYC), Acid Avengers (FRA) and collaborating with die-hard heads like Tin Man.


9.- Soul of Hex


Though they are only in their mid-20s, brothers Gerardo and Emanuel Cedillo have been intimately involved in dance music for over a decade. They got their start as one half of Kry-Lon, a duo that sat at the forefront of the “new rave” scene in his hometown of Tijuana, Mexico. In the years since, Cedillo brothers had grown enormously as producers DJ’s and multi-instrumentalists, and keep themselves busy running the label Vicario Musique Recordings. As Soul Of Hex, they conjure up astral deep house odysseys, drawing from the raw sensuality and restraint of classic house and techno, while incorporating jazzy flourishes and colorful shifts in tone, rhythm and texture. In 2014, Larry Heard himself stepped in to remix the Soul Of Hex track “Lip Reading,” and their DJ schedule has been hectic ever since, including an appearance at Amsterdam’s Dekmantel Festival in 2017.



8.- Cubenx

Originally from Uruapan, Michoacán, Mexico, stationed in puerto vallarta jalisco and a few years ago, radio producer, unstoppable Melomano and a visionary of music, he is always clear about what he wants, knows how to exploit the imperative sense of the word “want “…

Released his first track “gland” in the compilation of Static Records Lucky Stock April 2006. Fax, also belonging to Static Discos and now creator of the Mexican netlabel cyan records sponsored the young César Urbina González AK “cubenx”. His first EP, Turquoise, has some minimal, techno and ethereal sounds, which incite tranquility, inspired by female beauty and the waves of the sea.


7.- Harvard Bass

Mexican-American bad-boy Victor ‘Harvard Bass’ has always brought together the raw appeal of American booty with the style and function of European Ass. His sound has earned him in-crew-sion in Seth Troxler’s Tuskegee posse, Green Velvet’s Relief Records, and of course Tiga’s Turbo. With years of releases under his belt, he’s maintained an impressively consistent voice.

It all comes down to the fact that he is a bonafide sex addict who managed to turn a problem into a career by combining his obsession with thickness and his prowess for production. His Releases can be heard as Harvard Bass’ confession, his plea of insanity set to the sound of a perfectly functioning Ibiza super-club, complete with sexy paid dancers, industrial smoke cannons, and the kind of mass communal ego death that comes from 10+ straight hours of tech-house.



6.- Murcof

Murcof is the performing and recording name of Mexican electronica artist Fernando Corona. Corona was born in 1970 in Tijuana, Mexico and raised in San Diego (California) and Ensenada (Baja California). He was for a time a member of the Tijuana-based Nortec Collective of electronic musicians and artists under the Terrestre project name. Since 2006 Corona lives in Barcelona, Spain.

Murcof’s music is sparse, minimalist, electronica. Many of his compositions are founded on abstract, glitchy, sometimes complex electronic percussion. Harmonic and melodic influences come from classical music (modern classical music, musique concrète, holy minimalism, micropolyphony, baroque music, etc.), ambient music, drone music, berlin school synthesizer music, ethnic music and free improvisation. Rhythms are derived from minimal techno, dub, glitch, industrial music and IDM, and are often aligned around a 4/4 beat.

The more recent works in the Murcof catalogue no longer include electronic beats. His earlier works, like the 2001 EP Monotonu, feature orchestral instruments sampled from recordings of works by modern composers such as Arvo Pärt and Morton Feldman. Some of his later works, like the 2005 album Remembranza, incorporate samples of Corona and his friends playing classical instruments. Besides his personally initiated albums, Corona worked as Murcof on the 2008 commission project The Versailles Sessions, in which he reinterpreted recordings of a baroque ensemble.

Live shows of Murcof featured guest musicians from varied musical backgrounds, like classical pianist Vanessa Wagner, jazz trumpet player Erik Truffaz, tabla player Talvin Singh, crossover electronica-classical pianist Francesco Tristano and free improviser Philippe Petit.

5.- Sakro

Sakro is a young DJ and producer who represents the new wave mexican house music, his home country. He draws from his house influences, jazz, soul and hip-hop through the currents of the cities of Detroit and Chicago. His productions have been honored as much in digital as on vinyl, on labels such as Visionquest, Raum…musik, Karlovak, La Vie En Rose, Housewax, Fathers and Sons Productions, Amam, and now Bon Vivant, his own imprint with his pal the parisian talent Andrade.
He has seen his compositions be played by big names, from Ricardo Villalobos, Raresh, Dorian Paic, Sonja Moonear, Thomas Melchior, Richie Hawtin, Shaun Reeves, Ryan Crosson, Dyed Soundorom to ZIP – co-founder of Perlon Recordings label – who included his production ‘Jazz in the Forest’ in his latest FABRIC 67 compilation. His talent led him to perform at a Boiler Room in Mexico City in 2014, and talent, well Sakro has a lot more where that came from.


4.- Demian Licht


Dark light.
The intention within her live & AV Shows is to direct a cinematic / film noir experience..
She is Ableton Certified Trainer and Motus Records founder.

Demian Licht is a Mexican DJ and producer. Licht is the only woman in Latin America certified by Ableton. She is the founder of Motus Records and Motus Org, an international organization for the advancement of culture in sound, music and avant-garde production technology.

3.- MACROSS 82-99

マクロスMACROSS 82-99 is a producer from Mexico City influenced by Japanese culture and music. One of the first Future Funk artist and characterized by his 80s funk city pop vibe.

The project started in 2013. After listening to artist such as Infinity Frequencies and Dystopian Chic, MACROSS decides to start his own project influenced by this music genre. The first EP [夏日] was released by Business Casual 87 soon after the project was born. That EP opened the doors for Macross at Keats Collective, label that released his first album Neo Tokyo.
After this Macross starts to play live shows with many underground collectives in Mexico, like Salvajenada. The releases of Sailorwave and A Million Miles Away put him on an international radar and gets number 1 at the Bandcamp Future Funk tag in various occasions.
In 2015 he releases his next album , CHAM! which was very well received despite the fact that it was not actually Future Funk and lets allows Macross to play Festival Marvin and his music starts to play in the radio via Ibero 90.9
Along with friend and producer, UPPER, he founds his own Net Label : DaFuture
DaFuture is a young label but it has a bright future. It appears on an article by Rolling Stone MX as one of the 10 best labels in the country.
Currently Macross is working on his next album : Idols, Sakura

2.-  Machino

Ramón Daniels is part of a new wave of electronic music producers of the northwestern area of México, specifically from Tijuana where he is better known as Machino, he’s been involved in music for over 10 years, he started out in a punk band later moving on to electronic based music.

His tracks have been released by Highgrade Records, Static Discos, Underyourskin Records, AMAM, Glauben, his style shifts back and forth between a very potent techno and a heavy ambient influence, but inevitably revealing an obscure side in his composition.

1.- Microhm (MX)

Microhm es uno de los seudónimos sonoros bajo el cual trabaja la artista mexicana Leslie García, quién es conocida por su trabajo dentro de las artes mediales como parte de los colectivos Interspecifics y Astrovandalistas. En el mundo de la electrónica experimental ha publicado su trabajo como LogarDecay en sellos como Umor Rex (México) y HayleTapes (Francia). Con Microhm, Leslie desarrolla música electrónica derivada de influencias como el new wave, el noise y el techno desde una vertiente de abstracción que complementa con sesiones de improvisación para conformar un acto en vivo cambiante y dislocado.

Leslie García es una artista formada en la ciudad de Tijuana, trabaja desarrollando proyectos de arte electrónico y medios digitales. Explora el proceso de fusión entre el arte y la tecnología, utilizando técnicas como la producción de herramientas virtuales, desarrollo de prototipos electrónicos, producción de audio, diseño de piezas de net.art y códigos visuales generativos, desarrollo de hardware e interfaces biológicas. Es co-fundadora del colectivo de bioarte Interspecifics (Ciudad de México) 2013 – presente, del colectivo de medios electrónicos DreamAddictive (Tijuana B.C.) 2003-2010, miembro de Astrovandalistas en la Ciudad de México 2011 – Presente. Investigadora asociada del Nucleo Laboratorial Nano de la Escola de Belas Artes – UFRJ, en Rio de Janeiro. 2012 – 2015, Durante el 2015 – 2016 laboró como Investigadora artística en el departamento de medios de la Universidad Bauhaus en Weimar Alemania. Coordinadora del MusicMakers Hacklab #CDMX.

Su trabajo ha formado parte de festivales y muestras colectivas e individuales en espacios como Media Lab Prado, Museo de Arte Reina Sofia, O1SJ, Museum of Latin American Arts, Piksel Festival, Ars Electrónica en México, Centro Cultural de España, Public Art Lab de Berlín, NOMAD Center for media reserch, Museum of Contemporany Art in Szczecin, Museum of Latin American Art, Transitio_mx, LabSurLab2, Hip3rorganicos, Nuvem estación de arte y tecnología, ISEA, Mutek_MX, Transmediale, CTM Berlin, NIME 2014 Londres, Sight & Sound Montreal, ICAD International Conference for Auditory Display Graz, European Congress on Artificial Inteligence York entre otros.

No doubt Mexico is a groundbreaking playground for artists all kind waiting to emerge and amaze the world with their creative outputs, this is just a sample of it, we are sure there is plenty more musicians and artists to discover on this huge country rich in culture and tradition.
do you agree to our count?
who is your favourite artists from Mexico?
we love to hear from you…

808blogg team.–


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