Dominik Eulberg Delivers Burning Plea to Save Nature’s Biodiversity on New !K7 Album


‘Mannigfaltig’ LP will be released on September 6 via !K7.

Dominik Eulberg will release his fifth studio album, Mannigfaltig, in September, more than eight years after his Diorama LP. “Music only makes sense for me if it has something to say,” he explains. “And I have something to say now!”

Mannigfaltig is an album about the colourfulness of nature, which for Eulberg is “the greatest artist of all” and something that soothes his soul. Through 12 elaborate pieces of music, the German artist creates a burning plea to preserve the breathtaking biodiversity of nature and warns of the threat posed to it by humans. It’s a musical attempt to mirror the endless variation of nature and “highlight the entire colour palette.”

Eulberg came up with the concept during a hiking tour in his home town when he first came into contact with a butterfly whose name is literally translated as “golden-eight.” Then he saw a songbird called “nine-slayer” and heard the calls of a dormouse, whose name in German is “seven-sleeper.”

The album progresses sonically from Eulberg’s earlier work thanks to new synths, mixers, and techniques. 
He uses his synths like a water-colour painter, spreading them across the airwaves in soft tones and with blurred edges. Reconciling the beauty of nature with the beauty of sound, Eulberg aims to take the listener through dewy mornings, Spring afternoons, and brightly lit forest rambles with a real delicacy that replicates the majesty of the natural world.

Away from music, Eulberg’s fascination with nature has seen him devote his life to its preservation and study, from launching his own insect/plant identification service to designing his own bird card game. This is his debut on !K7, after albums on Cocoon Recordings and Traum Schallplatten.

“I wanted to create a positive record, a mosaic of many small pleasures that can be listened to in a range of settings, from home listening to long drives. The most beautiful setting would be listening whilst contemplating and observing nature; as it is indeed its origin. On a conceptional level, I want to use this musical platform to advocate the importance of biodiversity. It is my mission, and even the meaning of my life, to turn people’s senses and attention to nature. The threat human behaviour poses to nature has never been more real, with more species dying out than ever before, in such short spaces of time. This record is my attempt to point out the importance of giving our animal friends the space they need. Our survival and that of future generations depends on a thriving biodiversity. It is a kind of life insurance for us.
” — Dominik Eulberg

Mannigfaltig LP will be released on September 6 via !K7, with “Goldene Acht” streaming in full below.


A1. Eintagsfliege

A2. Zweibrütiger Scheckenfalter

B1. Dreizehenspecht

B2. Vierfleck

C1. Fünffleck-Widderchen

C2. Sechslinien-Bodeneule

D1. Siebenschläfer

D2. Goldene Acht

E1. Neuntöter

E2. Zehnpunkt-Marienkäfer

F1. Elfenbein-Flechtenbär

F2. Zwölfpunkt-Spargelkäfer

via XLR8R

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