Trentemøller Announces First Album in Three Years with New Single


‘Obverse’ LP is out September 27 via In My Room.

Trentemøller has today announced a new album by sharing entrancing new single “In The Garden” (ft. Lina Tullgren).

The announcement comes after “Sleeper,” a mysterious track released in May that is included on the album. As he did with that track, the Danish artist personally created the accompanying music video.

Obverse was initially conceived as an instrumental album but took on a life of its own with collaborations with Slowdive’s Rachel Goswell, Warpaint’s Jenny Lee Lindberg, and Lisbet Fritze. It’s said to embody shoegaze, dream pop, and synth-based soundscapes, enriched by a German Kosmische/Motorik experimentalist spirit.

The album once again finds Trentemøller mining themes of light and dark, turbulence and serenity, piercing chill and comforting warmth, inspired by the antipodal elements of the Nordic environment he calls home.

“I have always worked with contrasts in my music and in my sound. It’s in the subtle clashes of feelings and tonal contradictions that I often find pure inspiration,” Trentemøller says. “Obverse was always going to be about exploring the possibilities in my studio, with no consideration of how it could be performed on a stage, and it was completely liberating.”

In 2006, following a run of EPs, Trentemøller released his debut full-length, The Last Resort. Topping several end-of-year lists, this milestone of electronica exposed his music to a far wider audience. The three studio albums that followed, Into The Great Wide Yonder (2010), Lost (2013), and Fixion (2016), came out on his own label imprint, In My Room.

Obverse LP is out September 27 via In My Room, with “In The Garden” streaming below.


via XLR8R

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