This Vintage 3-Hour Video Of Jeff Mills DJing In Japan Is Techno At Its Best


The recently unearthed set was recorded live at Wire, Saitama Super Arena.

In case you couldn’t tell, we really like Jeff Mills. There’s something about the flair and technicality of his Detroit-rooted style that keeps us listening and dancing for hours.

And while he’s only gotten better with age, we find it fascinating to go back and check out some of his historical performances. Case in point is this three-hour video of Mills DJing at one of the “Wire” parties at Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan. The venue is a 36,000-person-capacity space that ranks as one of the largest indoor sporting facilities in the world—we can only imagine how wild this party was!

This video existed in pieces on YouTube before, but thankfully a user named Techno Stuff has uploaded the full experience. Watch it above. And if you want some more Mills, scroll on to see a video from our YouTube channelwith the wizard in conversation about his cinematic scoring work, which along with his space-oriented radio show, is totally worth checking out.

via Telekom Electronic Beats

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