DOVS – Silent Cities Remix EP

A1 Nostalgic Oblivian John Tejada Remix en DOVS Silent Cities Remix EP

DOVS aka Tin Man & AAAA – Acid Test 014

Release date 26.04.19

On their debut album as DOVS (out 10.5), Tin Man and AAAA summon the ethereal spirit of acid. Tin Man, AKA Johannes Auvinen, has been studying the emotional potential of the Roland TB-303 for 15 years now, and AAAA (Gabo Barranco), a fixture of the Mexico City underground, might as well be his acolyte. While the coincidental similarities of their studio and live approaches make this collaboration feel natural, even expected, Silent Cities is anything but.

Acid Test 14 features remixes from select trackboth Tin Man & AAAA individually as well as label mate John Tejada.

A1 – Nostalgic Oblivion – John Tejada remix
A2 – Distand Buildups – AAAA remix
A1 – Whining Acid – Tin Man Sweet Harmony mix)
A2 – Whining Acid – Tin Man’s Weepy mix)

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